Transparency within the dealership and how important it is to you our customer

First of all welcome back and thank you for reading Miller Chevrolet in Rogers blog. I would like to talk about transparency with our dealership and how important it is to not only us but you as our customer.

Lets start with pricing on the web. There are so many dealers today that advertise the lowest price on any particular model just to have a price leader. In doing this you will see dealers add incentives that only a minimum number of customers qualify for on top of the general cash back or dealer cash. Sometimes you will also see stacked incentives again that only a minimum number of customers qualify for. When the customer calls this advertising dealer on the phone the sales guy that answers the phone will let you know that “oh yeah that is our price, come on in!” Once arriving at the dealership the customer takes the test drive, sits down to look at the dealer’s worksheet and is immediately on the defensive because the price isn’t what they found online. Why? The customer asks. Well Mr. Customer, if couldn’t find you on the manifest list, or you don’t have an AARP membership, or I see you don’t have a USAA membership so you do not qualify for the extra incentives.  Is this how business should be done in our digital day and age just to get the extra leg up on our competition? Here at Miller Chevrolet we DO NOT believe so.

All of our prices listed on the web are prices that ALL customers qualify for and if you do have an AARP membership, USAA membership or are on the manifest list we pass that extra incentive on to you when we ask.

Now lets talk about transparency once you start to talk about numbers (the worksheet if you wish). Have you ever gone into a dealership similar to the situation above only to be disappointed with the selling price, rebates or even your trade value? Upon asking the dealerships representative for explanation only to be told. The price is the price that you qualify for OR that your trade just simply isn’t worth what you thought is was, without any documentation or back up proof to what they are stating. Consumers today are experts in not only their field of work but our industry when they decide to purchase a vehicle. They spend more time researching what to pay for that used Chevrolet Impala on the lot then the guy sitting behind the desk did to price it out. Here at Miller Chevrolet we justify every number we print. Have a question about your trade?  We will print out the KKB evaluation, MMR auction report, market report and let you know exactly what we will have to put into your vehicle upon trading it in to be able to re-sell that vehicle again. All factors that go into evaluating your trade that affect its value.  New vehicle pricing is another type of game that is played the most often at dealerships. I see the price online (similar to above), come in and the price is different. Shame on that dealer. Here at Miller Chevrolet in Rogers we never hide and invoice from a customer, you want to see it? Just ask and then we will not cover up the invoice side with a half sheet of paper and only show you the MSRP side.  We clearly articulate how we got to our price for the new vehicle, how we got to the value of your trade and based on the last 50 deals that we have financed, what the average interest rate for 3 particular terms is at 3 different down payments. We would like to earn customers for life. With that said, we may pressure you to put a little more money down, here at Miller Chevrolet we would like to see you with an asset rather than a liability when you return for your next vehicle. That comes up faster than most consumers realize. Today the average car shopper begins looking at their next purchase after only 27 months of ownership, and who wants to be told that their vehicle they purchased only 27 months prior isn’t worth as much as they owe and that they are “upside down” going into their next purchase.  Like I said before we want customers for life and want our customers to be able to trade as often as they like without worrying about someone welding them into an uncomfortable term.

One last topic and I will let you move on with your day. Lets talk briefly about Service. Have you ever driven into a service drive for an oil change only for the advisor to pop the hood and start dabbing all of your fluids on a piece of paper while you patiently wait? You only wanted an oil change right and the up-sell has already started and you haven’t even been to the lounge for a fresh cup of coffee. What is the point of this? Well some OEM reps will say that it shows you as a consumer that the engine of your car is dirty. What does this do to you mentally in their eyes? They believe that it preps you when the dealer finds something wrong with your car during the multi-point inspection that you will believe them. Really?

Wouldn’t you rather drop off your vehicle for the oil change, get settled in with a nice cup of coffee and some wifi and start catching up on so work or relaxation? Once an issue is really found, the service advisor come out and finds you (doesn’t page you to the back of the store because they are too lazy to walk out and find you). Then either escorts you back to your vehicle to show you the issue or brings lets say your air filter that needs to be replaced. Then asks “hey Mr customer, we found that your air filter needs to be replaced, here is what is looks like. Now I can put in a brand new OEM filter for x amount of dollars, this aftermarket filter for x amount of dollars, or I can put your original filter back in for free. What would you like me to do?” Seems like a better way of actually serving you as a customer to me. Why would dealers try to plant a seed that you need extra work without even really looking at the full condition of the vehicle or a specific component. The discussion needs to be two ways. I am not discounting regular maintenance and the importance of knowing the condition of your fluids but there is a time and a place for that discussion and it’s not before you have even stepped foot off of the drive. I already hear some comments from other dealers on this blog post but it is how we do business at Miller Chevrolet and with 59% of our service customers returning 5+ times, we are earning customers for life.

Thank you and have a great day!

Luke Stoker | Advertising and Marketing Director | Miller Chevrolet

Twitter: lmstoker | |

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About Our Chevrolet, Chevrolet Truck Dealership Dedicated to serving all your automotive needs! For us, "customer service" means making your car buying/ servicing experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. You'll find a number of ways that we make customer service the basis of buying and owning a car from our dealership stop by today and "Discover the Better Way!" Our History: In 1933 John Miller founded the first family owned car dealership in St. Cloud. Miller sold some of the first classic cars ever built. Packards and Edsels. He was so successful, that at one point, he was the number one seller of Packards in the country. A new brand shortly entered the dealership just decades later, Pontiacs. Tom Miller, John's son, joined the team in 1966. It was only a few years later, when Tom opened up a second Chevrolet dealership, in Rogers in 1988. As business grew, the location moved from County Road 81 to Interstate 94 five years later in 1993. That's when 3rd generation, Mike Miller took over the Chevy dealership. It is now twenty years later, and the business is as strong as ever. A majority of the employees here are over 15 year veterans. In 2007 Miller Chevrolet welcomed a new concept, an interactive Online Internet Manager, who is constantly on hand; keeping up with the busy lives of today's Americans. Since the beginning, Miller Chevrolet has kept family values a number one priority, as well as community involvement strong, taking part in area school fund raisers and other local events.
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